Steve Young

Award-winning TV writer, Author and Such

Steve Young is a multi-talented, award-winning writer who refuses let himself be limited by any medium or arena. In film, he wrote and directed the scathing, but on the money satire, "My Dinner With Ovitz." On TV his credits include ABC's "Boy Meets World", CBS's "Cybill," HBO Family's "Crashbox", the WB's "Family Affair" or Disney's "The Smart Guy", for which he was recently acknowledged for his "creation of entertainment that also enriches life," with the Prism Award and a Humanitas nomination. He's authored the inspiring book "Great Failures Of The Extremely Successful" (Tallfellow Press, Fall 2002) where he was able to get the greats of many different fields to share their remarkable stories of adversity. Of "Great Failures...", Jack Canfield, co-creator of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" said, "When you finish reading this amazing book, you will never let failure or fear of failure stand in your way again." Steve has more than shown his grasp of creating stories and characters that both entertain and enlighten (without it being jammed down our children's throats) in his children's picture bookS, "Winchell Mink" (Harper Collins, 2003), "15 Minutes (Harper Collins) and "Mal Function...Boy Sleuth" (2017). This former stand-up comedian's social and political satire has been recognized as some of the funniest, yet still poignant, with his stories regularly gracing the Oped pages of major newspapers across the country and his tongue-in-cheek punditing seen on CNN and Fox News. As contributing editor at the Writer Guild Of America's "Written By" magazine, Steve's reputation has given him serious entrance to the best writers and producers in the industry while also allowing him one more outlet to lampoon the entertainment business he so cares about. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, we can expect to see the name of Steve Young appearing on an ever-growing amount of books lining the shelves of countless bookstores. And if anyone catches Steve putting his name on these books would you please report it to your local authorities. He must be stopped!