Steven Brill

New York State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Steven Brill is a founding partner of Sullivan & Brill, LLP. For over 2 decades, Steven has been defending those who have been charged with New York State and Federal crimes. As a result of Steven Brill is among the most respected criminal defense attorneys in New York City. He is a well-trained and highly experienced advocate, negotiator and trial attorney. Steven has tried over 75 state and federal trials throughout his career. Because of Steven’s experience in trying cases, he poses as a formidable adversary to any state or federal prosecutor. If, however, a client seeks to engage in a plea agreement, Steven excels in effectively negotiating with prosecutors so that the best possible deal is offered to his clients. He is a devoted criminal defense attorney. Steven has represented hundreds of individuals who were charged with a wide range of New York State and federal crimes – from the most minor to the most serious – such as homicide, sex crimes, and drug and weapons offenses. He and his firm also handle minor state offenses as well, like shoplifting, simple drug possession and DATs and NY summons cases. On top of this, Steven has also had consistent success representing those who have been stopped and charged with DWI. Given the focus the NYPD puts on this crime coupled with the very severe sentencing consequences potentially imposed. On top of handling all New York state crimes, Steven spends many hours a week handling federal matters as well. As a Steven handles all types of federal crimes. These include: drug conspiracy, securities fraud, Hobbs Act robberies, gun possession, child pornography, financial crimes, cyber-crimes, health care fraud, and RICO matters. Steven has been retained to represent individuals charged with federal crimes all over the country, including New Jersey, Washington D.C., Florida and Puerto Rico. Although his main district is in New York, Steven is highly capable and determined to represent clients from other federal districts as well. Steven’s ability to prepare cases, try cases, and negotiate plea deals translates well in any federal court in any district. When it comes to federal criminal defense, the sentencing guidelines and the client’s mitigation factors are critical. Steven has a deep understanding of both so that his clients will be in a position to receive the best possible sentence. To add, Steven has also racked up a successful record in preparing sentencing submissions and arguing for sentences below the sentencing guidelines. There is a long list of past Sullivan & Brill clients that are satisfied with Steven’s sentencing advocacy when it comes to arguing for the lowest possible federal sentence. When it comes to preparing for the sentencing of a client, there is no attorney that will do more or fight harder for a client Steven’s aggressive and diligent representation of individuals charged with crimes continues even after the conviction is entered and the sentence is imposed. For example, Sullivan & Brill get several calls each day asking for help appealing their convictions in the form of a direct appeal or filing a Habeas Corpus Petition under 21 U.S.C. § 2255. Along with the help of Steven’s sister, Rachel Brill, who has a thriving criminal defense practice in Puerto Rico, Steven helps clients who have been previously convicted and sentenced fight the conviction and the sentence. Steven and Rachel have engaged in all aspect of the appellate process from researching and filing the appellate briefs to arguing before New York state appellate courts and United States Circuit courts. At the post-conviction stage, for many years now, Steven and the criminal lawyers at Sullivan & Brill have represented clients who seek Certificates of Relief from Civil Disabilities or have their state or federal probation terminated early. Sullivan & Brill has achieved great success in handling both of these types of post-conviction matters.