Steven Crandell


Steven is the father of six children. They are all loving, bright and funny. He is very proud of them. (And thoroughly objective in his analysis.)

Steven integrates story and strategy for organizations to improve outreach, productivity and effectiveness. Nonprofit foundations are a particular focus.

His blog "Thinking Philanthropy" focuses on practical, thought-provoking ideas about giving.

Key projects include writing for Annenberg Alchemy, LA n Sync and the Annenberg Space for Photography -- all programs of the Annenberg Foundation.

He has written a series of 19 donor guides for individuals and families. Published by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Funded by the Gates Foundation. The series is called Philanthropy Roadmap.

Steven is the author of the book, Silver Tongue – Secrets of Mr. Santa Barbara (2007). (It's about his dad, Larry Crandell -- also loving, bright and funny.)

He also researches, writes and manages the publication of life stories and organizational histories through his business: Legacy Books for Future Generations.

Steven was a journalist for more than two decades, spending 10 years as the producer of several national news programs for the public broadcaster Television New Zealand. He is the former Director of Development & Public Affairs for the nonpartisan nonprofit Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

His serial novella is now running on @JukePopSerials - it's called A is for Amy & Adonis.

He also writes very short poetry. See twitter lit web review,