Steven Kotler

NYTimes best-selling author of "Abundance", "BOLD", and now "Tomorrowland"

Steven Kotler is a best-selling author and award-winning journalist. His books include the recent Abundance, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated A Small Furry Prayer, the Pen-West finalist, West of Jesus and the best-selling novel and winner of the 2000 William L. Crawford IAFA Fantasy Award, The Angle Quickest for Flight. His articles have appeared internationally, in more than 70 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, Wired, Forbes, Discover, and National Geographic. He writes “Far Frontiers,” a blog about innovation and entrepreneurship for, and “The Playing Field,” a blog about the science of sport and culture, for

Steven is also the Co-Founder and Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project, an international scientific effort to decode the mysteries of ultimate human performance, and Co-Founder of Rancho de Chihuahua dog sanctuary, which has been nationally recognized for pioneering new methodologies in both hospice care for elderly animals and long term rehabilitation for special needs animals. Prior to this work, and alongside the LA Lakers and 826 LA, Steven was Co-Founder of the nonprofit, The Reporter’s Gym, a sports writing camp for inner city high school students.

His latest book, Abundance, was released by Simon and Schuster in 2012. It debuted at number two on The New York Times Best-Seller List and stayed on the list for more than two months. Abundance has received international praise and was named by CNBC as one of the Top 12 Business Books of 2012 and by Fortune as Top 5 Must-Read Business Books of 2012.

Steven’s next book, The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance, is slated for release in March 2014.