Steven Reiss

Educated at Dartmouth, Yale, and Harvard, I was a professor of psychology at University of Illinois at Chicago and Ohio State University.

Educated at Dartmouth (A.B. degree), Yale (Ph.D.), and Harvard (clinical psychology internship), I was a tenured professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and The Ohio State University. My colleagues and I created the most widely studied theory of anxiety in the last 30 years, called anxiety sensitivity. I created an original theory of motivation by scientifically deriving 16 psychological needs. I defined motivation as the assertion of core values, not self-determination. In my book "Who am I". I suggested the connections between motives and relationships at home and at work. In my book, "The Normal Personality," I suggested that many symptoms of personality disorder can be viewed as normal variations in motives. In my book, "The 16 Strivings for God," I stated the first comprehensive psychological theory of religion and spirituality since William James. I received four major career awards for research, clinical services, and leadership. My work is used globally by scores of multinational corporations, hundreds of schools, thousands of anxiety and psychiatric services, and thousands of developmental disabilities providers.

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