Storer H. Rowley

Storer H. Rowley, a former National Editor and foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, is an adjunct lecturer at Medill School of Journalism.

Storer H. (Bob) Rowley is a former national editor and foreign correspondent at the Chicago Tribune and an adjunct lecturer Northwestern University. He also lectures occasionally on public policy advocacy, communication, education, writing, and foreign affairs at Northwestern and other universities. Before his current post, he was executive director of government and community relations at Elmhurst College from 2009 to 2011, where he taught journalism and world religions.

Earlier, Rowley spent 30 years working for the Chicago Tribune (1979-2009), the last seven of them as national editor. He also served there as a member of the Editorial Board writing about foreign affairs and defense issues, and before that, he was a foreign correspondent for 12 years based in Mexico, Canada and Israel. He also served as the Tribune's White House and Pentagon correspondents in Washington, D.C. He covered a dozen wars as well as natural disasters, human rights, politics, economics, culture, religion and the human condition in more than 50 countries. He is an award-winning journalist and experienced writer, editor, reporter and national-foreign correspondent in newspapers as well as radio and wire services.

He has a Master of Science in Communication degree from Northwestern and earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University.