G.E. Masana

Portrait Artist-Photographer

Recognized as one of the finest artist-photographers in the country, G.E. Masana originally trained in art schools studying painting and illustration under accomplished contemporary painters (and some of the original "Mad Men" advertising illustrators) then exhibiting in NYC galleries. While freelancing as a commercial illustrator in 1981, at the urging of an acquaintance picked up a camera, and witnessing first-hand the strong reactions and sentiments to his photos, he was instantly hooked, immediately trading in his artist's brush for the camera. He hasn't looked back. Fast forward, Masana's won some awards for his sensitive, artistic portrayals of his subjects, has photographed weddings and portraits for notable people, has been published, featured and interviewed in NY Magazine, Bridal Guide, Martha Stewart, Town & Country, among numerous other publications, blogs and podcasts, recognized by many professional photographers around the globe, and is proud to say his photographic works can be found now hanging in clients' homes in virtually every continent in the world.