Suchitra Vijayan

Barrister & Political Analyst.Writer,theorist & Photographer.Working on my first book on India's borders.Yalie.

Suchitra Vijayan is a lawyer, foreign policy analyst, writer, and photographer. She studied Law, Political Science and International Relations, and was trained as a Barrister-at-Law. Her work looks at theories of violence, war and human nature. She writes about war, conflict, politics, literature and photography for The Hindu, Foreign Policy, Huffington Post, and Warscapes Magazine. She previously worked for the UN war crimes tribunal for Yugoslavia and Rwanda. She co-founded and was the Legal Director of Resettlement Legal Aid Project, Cairo that gives legal aid for refugees. As a graduate student at Yale, she was researching and documenting stories along the contentious Durand Line. She was embedded with the ISAF forces – 172 infantry brigade, in Paktika Province, Afghanistan conducting research on key kinetic terrains in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. She is currently working on her book – “Borderlands: Peoples History of the Nation” along India’s borders. ​