Suki Eleuterio

Spiritual life coach, yoga teacher, and author of "She Loved Herself." Spreading love and light on her blog

Suki Eleuterio is a lightworker, author, and creative spirit. She is an award-winning blogger and spreads love and light through her inspirational blog A builder of conscious community, she created, a place for healers, lightworkers and inspired thinkers to share their words with the world. Suki leads chakra workshops, goddess circles, and yoga classes in South Florida and online and has appeared on television and radio shows. Along with her business partner, Karen Bryce, she created “Soul Conversations,” a sacred women's circle that encourages participants to uncover the layers of their soul. She self-published her first book, "She Loved Herself" along with thirteen other co-authors in 2015. The book encourages women to share stories of self-love and self-acceptance. Suki is also a certified Ayurvedic healer and Reiki II practitioner. Her name means "Love" in Japanese.