Sunaina Vohra

Youth & Parenting Coach+Author+Entrepreneur+Wife+Mother to a Super Confident Pre-teen+Angelic teen

Sunaina Vohra, Youth & Family Life Coach combines her coaching skills with her experience as a mother to a pre-teen and teen, to create transformational programs for children, teenagers and parents.
Sunaina’s mission is to help children, teens and parents to create positive transformations in themselves, more understanding and open communication in their relationships thereby creating love and harmony in the family. Sunaina is the go-to-expert in coaching children and parents for any issues that might arise in the family unit. Her practical and personable style instantly wins the trust of her young clients, and parents know that they have someone to turn to. Sunaina is an upcoming author, writing a book to help parents know the steps to raising confident children. Get Sunaina’s 3 free videos on “How to Communicate as Parents so that your children listen to you” at