Sunita Viswanath

Progressive Hindu; women’s rights and social justice activist and advocate

Sunita Viswanath has worked for over two decades in women’s rights and human rights organizations. She is co-founder and active board member of the international women’s human rights organization, Women for Afghan Women. Sunita was raised in an Andhra Hindu family, and always felt that it was her Hindu values and beliefs that motivated her insistance on justice and human rights. However, she did not find that there was a Hindu voice or presence in the movements for justice of which she was a part. Sunita co-founded Sadhana:Coalition of Progressive Hindus in 2011 in order to bring together these two parts of her journey: her activism for human rights and her identity as a Hindu. Sunita lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Stephan Shaw and their three sons Gautama, Akash and Satya.