Sunny Wight

Wife, Mother and Mindfulness Instructor. Founder of non-profit Mindfulness First. Creating America's First Mindful School District.

Sunny Wight is wife to Justin, and mother to Lia (10) and Jamie (8). Originally from the UK, Sunny now resides in Arizona where she spends her work-hours as the Founder and Executive Director of non-profit, In 2009 Sunny suffered from a stress-induced breakdown. She used Mindfulness (no meds) to not only heal herself but also transform her life. Now, her goal is to bring these empowering, actualizing life-skills to everyone, especially children. Her organization teaches in school districts to children of all ages, and helps fund their work by offering training in corporations.

Sunny makes plenty of time for family, friends, resting and relaxing. She enjoys many creative activities such as watercolor painting and writing. She likes to be in nature and to practice yoga. But most of all, she really enjoys doing nothing now that she knows how to.