Suraj Patel

Activist, organizer, lawyer and lecturer on ethics at NYU Stern.

Suraj Patel has been an activist, organizer, lawyer, and lecturer on business ethics at NYU Stern. In 2018 he ran as a progressive Democrat in New York’s 12th Congressional District Primary, increasing millennial turnout by a remarkable 797% compared to the 2016 cycle. Born to immigrant parents, Suraj's experience as a first-generation American shaped his view of politics at an early age. He worked full time on both Obama campaigns and as an associate on White House Advance Teams. After Donald Trump’s election, Suraj helped found and build communities like The Arena to support a new generation of American leaders until deciding his community needed new representation in Congress. Suraj holds a BA in Political Science from Stanford University, a Masters in Public Policy from Cambridge, and a law degree from NYU. As a proud New Yorker, Suraj has been active in his community and has written, taught and organized on civil rights issues.