Susan Bernstein, MBA PhD

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Dr Susan Bernstein is committed to transforming our attitudes about feeling our feelings at work. She trains professionals to understand and express their emotions in ways that generate healthier, more productive organizations. An executive coach and leadership consultant since 2001, she supports existing and emerging leaders to harness all of their strengths, including their emotions, to elevate their careers and make a greater impact in the world. Susan previously held demanding leadership roles at FranklinCovey, Intel, and Accenture. During that time, she struggled with her confidence, especially when faced with conflict. So after an MBA, she pursued a PhD in mind/body psychology, determined to understand the foundation of personal power in the workplace, and discovered that small bodily shifts such as breathing, posture, and eye gaze lead to big shifts in psychological well-being and confidence. Susan coaches individuals, facilitates workshops, is a keynote speaker, and hosts the webcast, Emotions at Work. Susan earned her MBA at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and her PhD at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology's Santa Barbara campus.