Susan Deily-Swearingen

Doctoral Candidate in American History, University of New Hampshire

Susan is a Doctoral Candidate and Instructor of American History at the University of New Hampshire. Her research interests include: the history of the U.S. South, Civil War, Native American removal from the southeast, and Historical Memory. At UNH, Susan teaches courses in both early and modern United States history, as well as the intersection of Architecture and United States history. Additionally, she has taught courses in Architectural history (Neolithic-present) as well as courses in American Architecture at the Boston Architectural College. Susan's Dissertation, Rebel Rebels: Reconsidering the Issues of Race, Resistance, and Remembrance in “The Free State of Winston” focuses on the entangled history of the Cherokee Removal in the southeast, and the generations of mixed, Scots-Irish/ Cherokee descendants who became a neutral movement in parts of Alabama and Tennessee during the Civil War. Her research further fractures the idea of the ideologically monolithic south and challenges basic assumptions about whiteness, inclusion, heritage and allegiance.