Susan Tose Spencer

Entrepreneur and former general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles

Susan T. Spencer was an entrepreneur and business professional before many women had the courage to play in the big leagues with men. Her companies reached annual revenues of $50 million.

Susan learned about football and business from her father, Leonard Tose, who owned a professional football team. She was the first and only female to hold the position as General Manager of a NFL team, The Philadelphia Eagles.

After her time with the team, Susan added two more exclusively male businesses to her ventures, both in meat processing, which she owned and ran for more than 20 years. Susan’s beef company was the only female-owned company that sold millions of pounds of meat products to national chains including McDonald’s, Chili’s, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, and many others.

Spencer attended Boston University where she earned a BA. She later received her MA in Education/Economics from Hofstra University and earned a law degree from Villanova University.

She currently consults with small business owners when they are ready to ‘take off,’ is a lecturer and business blogger, serves on the Advisory Board of a Utah bank and works with banks across the country to develop a Women’s Financial Group as a separate category within each bank. Spencer will host a new radio show on the WomensRadio Network in March 2011.


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