Susanna Kelly

Action and adventure traveler with robot ears. She hits pause for a glass of scotch and a classic video games

I have four tattoos that describe me perfectly. They are molecular representations of: Adrenaline, for the adventure in life; Dopamine, for the pursuit of pleasure in life; Serotonin for the love you find in life and Acetylcholine, for the pursuit of knowledge in life. <br /> <br /> Alaska is my home, but the world is now my back yard. I recently downsized my life to be a confused expat in Germany. I'm a walking oxymoron because you'll either find me traveling the world, barreling head first into a crazy unknown adventure or at home with a glass of scotch in my hand playing videos games or reading a Sy-Fi/Fantasy book.<br /> <br /> I currently write an action adventure travel blog that always takes a pause for the nerdy things in life.

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