Susanne Menge

CEO, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor committed to unlocking the potential in every human being.

Susanne Menge is a fitness industry veteran, committed to ultimate fitness, health & happiness for every person for 25 years. She began her career purely focused on the physical aspects of fitness with a go harder & faster mentality. She has grown through a wide range of personal and professional experiences to realize we must be willing to both push our limits and rest deeply to achieve our biggest goals, listening to our body each step along the way. Susanne teaches every person the principles of whole life fitness and guides each one back to the present moment and their own brilliance. Here’s the scoop: 1. The way you care for your body is a direct reflection of how you care for your life. 2. Weight loss happens naturally when you are living a vibrant and aligned life. 3. Exercise can be really fun whether you are focused on health or performance. 4. Food is not your enemy; you can have what you enjoy. 5. Your health is in your hands. 6. Rest, relaxation and deep sleep are possible and profitable. 7. There is no magic bullet, success lies in consistent commitment over the long run. Combing the science and art of fitness, wellness and happiness, Susanne is driven by supporting each individual in being all of themselves and clearing every block mentally and physically on that path! The guarantee is hard work, great fun, lots of laughter, and a healthier life! Go to for more.