Susan Weil

Co-Founder, Jobtreks, a personal platform to guide and streamline job search and Co-CEO, Weil & Wein, Career Advisors

Susan Weil is a Co-Founder of Jobtreks, the job seeker’s state-of-the-art personal platform for career exploration, job search and networking. The Jobtreks “CRM” (think for job search) is also an effective way for college, MBA, and graduate school career offices to help their students get jobs. Jobtreks was launched in 2015 by Weil & Wein, a global career advisory firm that has advised over 4,000 job seekers across industry sectors and provides services to leading undergraduate and MBA schools, individual professionals, and students worldwide. Susan, along with her business partner, Terri Wein, launched Weil & Wein in 2007, and has built it into a premiere career advisory firm. Weil & Wein’s services include career and job search advisory, executive coaching, leadership and professional development, interview preparation, resume writing and offer negotiation. Susan and Terri designed Jobtreks in direct response to market demand from job seekers and career office professionals nationwide. Jobtreks is a single platform that helps job seekers launch and manage their job search. Jobtreks is currently licensed to leading MBA and undergraduate schools, including 4 of the 5 top ranked U.S. MBA schools and to individual job seekers worldwide. Previously, Susan spent her career on Wall Street in investment banking and commercial real estate finance at Credit Suisse First Boston, Resolution Trust Corporation, and Utendahl Capital Partners. Weil is currently an Advisory Board Member at the Yale School of Management, where she also serves as a Board Member of the Program on Entrepreneurship. She received her MBA from the Yale School of Management and BSE from the Wharton School.