Susie Spain

Founder, Angels at Risk

Susie Spain is an activist and has extensive work experience in the field of adolescent drug and alcohol use and abuse highlighting prevention education. Integrity and charisma with an abundance of heart are descriptives that have come to define Susie and the Angels at Risk program that she has co-founded. She has developed and written simple yet sophisticated cutting-edge curriculum that is effective across all social, economic and political boundaries and used in schools, public and private.

Susie has by design publicly flown below the radar to maintain integrity and confidentiality for everybody involved but she and her programs have been a mainstay in our social fabric since 1997. They have been accepted and championed by government officials, community organizations, public and private schools and families both rich and poor.

Her life work is based on personal experience, her mission is based on love and kindness and her passion is to make a shift in the hearts and lives of kids, teenagers and their families. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is devoted to running her non-profit organization, Angels at Risk, whose highlight is its Monday night program. Susie continues to blog regularly for the Huffington Post with a wish from the heart that more families and their kids find their way.