Dr Susie Wolbe

An author, presenter, and educator, Dr Wolbe uses mindfulness and brain research to bring greater balance and success to lives.

Dr Susie Wolbe was a classroom teacher in both public and private schools before servicing as K-8 principal in a private school for fourteen years. She has a BS and MS in elementary education, holds an EdD in educational curriculum with a concentration in curriculum and instruction, and is certified as an Academic Language Therapist and as a Mindful Schools instructor. She currently gives presentations, provides continuing education for the state of Texas, and .works with adults and children in both group and individual settings. Dr Wolbe has used mindfulness strategies to learn how to manage life's sometimes-overwhelming demands. She is committed to helping others do the same, especially as it applies to students, educators, and parents. She is the author of Project, Protect and Empower (2016) and The Empowered Teacher: Proven Tips for Classroom Success (2016).