Suzie Heumann

Community-Based Living Skills, Author, Spiritual Sexuality, Neo-Tantra with an interest in AI/ML Technology and the Neurobiology of Mind/Body Potential

I have been part of a film making team for 37 years and founded and ran the company and website for twenty years. This venture closed in 2015. After writing three books on the Kama Sutra I am currently writing one on creating intentional community on your own block. These are interesting, though somewhat frightening, times and the future can only be enhanced by knowing and trusting our closest allies and neighbors. As an early developer of streaming video and membership learning sites my interest in technology and entrepreneurship has taken me many places. Currently, these include: -Flying 4K drones in beautiful places as support for my film maker partner -Vagus nerve stimulation for body awareness and female sexual enhancement -Intentional Community living -Machine Learning applications for personal success -Design enhancements to the male condom -Gardening and slow food -Reusable shipping box design -Family I was a blogger on the old Huffington Post site in the category of Spiritual Sex and I hope this new profile will point to those articles. I'm about to find out!