Talitha V. Anyabwele

Educational Consultant and Cultural Critic & Curator

Talitha Anyabwelé is the founder and Artistic Director of the Black Girl Speaks Movement (, a theatrical production and support circle chronicling and empowering the voices of Black Girls (and women), and one of the visionaries behind Operation Blexit: The Back to Black List, a step-by-step plan to empower the disenfranchised in America. She, her husband, and two children repatriated to the US from Singapore a year ago where she founded an African-centered home-school and Supporting International Sistas (SIS), for the sole purpose of helping to create and restore the greatness that was Black communities; replicating a portion of the methodology they used in Asia to help create a thriving Black community of expat families. Anyabwelé is a graduate of the illustrious Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University's School of Business and Industry under the leadership of Dr. Frederick Humphries and Dr. Sybil Mobley respectively. A native of Atlanta, she and her family chose the growing city as the launching pad for the execution of The Back to Black List and to disseminate her African-centered curriculum and development centers. She is the CEO of BGS, Inc. which offers educational and cultural sensitivity consulting for schools and corporations. Her workshops aid in facilitating dialogue that helps bridge the gaps and resolve racial and cultural divides. To read more of her writing, visit . Photo credit: Shane @scenariotma