Tallulah Morehead

Award-Eligible Film Legend, Goddess, and Lush

Tallulah Morehead is the completely legendary star of 90 unforgettable forgotten classic Hollywood films, including The Mailman Always Comes Twice, Privates on Display, Seven Brides for Seven Dwarfs, The Lady Steve, and Caligulee, Caligula. She was born in 1897, which makes her 112, but Death isn't an issue for her, as she is a Screen Immortal. She made her film debut in 1915, and retired from the movies in 1969, although critics maintain she retired from acting years earlier. She no longer has any idea how many times she has been married, but we know of at least 10 husbands, one or two of whom may even have been heterosexual, at least at the time of the wedding. She is the author of an autobiography, My Lush Life, published by Kensington Books, and she stoutly denies the wicked lie that she is actually her ghost writer and amanuensis, Douglas McEwan, a bitter old queen of a comedy writer, leaching off of her like a gay tick. She would prefer her vodka straight please. (Mr. McEwan is also the author of The Q Guide to Classic Monster Movies, but as it isn't about her, Tallulah recommends skipping it.)