Tanya Lombard

Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs, AT&T

Tanya Leah Lombard serves as Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs at AT&T. She is charged with creating, promoting and managing AT&T's brand-messaging to minority communities through the development and stewardship of strategic community-based relations and projects. Tanya is a native of New Orleans with more than twenty years of experience in public policy development, strategic communications and community development. She is widely recognized as a confidante of leaders at the highest levels of government, business, national, civic and professional organizations. Most recently, Ms. Lombard has successfully developed and corner-stoned the following AT&T initiatives:

T-Hive (Technology) Initiative

The T-Hive (Technology) Initiative was created by Ms. Lombard for the purpose of advancing and promoting digital literacy. T-Hive enlists the usage of high-bandwidth 4G devices to access cutting-edge "hi-value" online content that serves as a powerful messaging and educational conduit. Ms. Lombard recruited major Hollywood celebrities to engage ordinary citizens on public policy and other critical issues. As part of this initiative, Ms. Lombard is strategically leveraging actor, producer and filmmaker Robert Townsend's acclaimed new movie/web series, "In the Hive." Ms. Lombard has produced and hosted national screenings of Townsend's film followed by panel discussions and town hall gatherings designed to urge audiences to support a national wireless infrastructure framework that fully utilizes spectrum-intensive 4G devices with the goal of empowering communities through technology.

African American Civil Rights and Intergovernmental Groups Education Campaign

Ms. Lombard created and fostered critical relationships with major civil rights organizations, intergovernmental groups, and trade and professional associations to work in areas of mutual interest that promote the economic, social and political advancement of communities of color across the country.

Minority Specialty Media Movement

Ms. Lombard created and managed a multi-media program focused on African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Latinos, (the fastest growing segments of the U. S. populations). The specialty campaign facilitates and supports the development of new-media organizations and amplifies the voices of community stakeholders and their constituencies. Ms. Lombard also created and executed a 50-state print newspaper mobility education and awareness campaign on the power of broadband in the underserved and un-served communities.

Ms. Lombard has worked in the field of public policy and government relations for the past twenty years. Prior to joining AT&T, Ms. Lombard was a Principal with Peck, Madigan, Jones & Stewart, Inc., a premier Washington DC government relations firm providing strategic, legislative, regulatory, public policy and communication services.

Ms. Lombard also previously served as the Director of Government Affairs for Altria Corporate Services, Inc. in Washington, D.C. Her responsibilities with Altria included representing Kraft Foods, Kraft Foods International, Miller Brewing, Philip Morris International, Philip Morris USA. During President Clinton's administration, Ms. Lombard served in several capacities, including Special Assistant to the President and Director of Political Affairs for the Southern Region. In that role, Ms. Lombard advised President Clinton, Vice President Gore, First Lady Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore on the national political climate. Ms. Lombard is active in professional and civic leadership. She currently serves on the boards of directors for the National Action Network, and the National Coalition of Black Civic Participation. Ms. Lombard is also a member of the NAACP Special Contributions Board, and is a sponsor of the Ruby Bridges Foundation, which works to help cultivate and train the next generation of leaders in Louisiana and across the country.

Ms. Lombard, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Xavier University in 1990, and is a former elected official in Louisiana, serving on the Democratic State Central Committee and Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee.

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