Tarun Wadhwa

Entrepreneur and writer. Author of 'Identified.'

Tarun is a writer and entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, business, and international development. He was previously Co-Founder and COO of AIC Chile, a private innovation lab that creates technologies targeted at poverty alleviation. He worked to commercialize Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS), a breakthrough purification technology currently being used to provide thousands of people across Latin America in at-risk communities with clean drinking water. Identified, a book he’s authored about the global rise of digital identification systems, will be out 2016. It analyzes the technologies that governments and companies use to see who we are — things such as national identification systems, biometrics, and online identity. He tracks these systems over time to see how they are changing governments, institutions, social norms, and the daily lives of people all around the world. Learn more, and sign-up for updates at