Taylor Bybee

Owner of the Coaster Studios YouTube Channel! Also an Actor, Mormon, Eagle Scout, and Lover of Dogs/anything furry.

Ever since I was little, I was always filming. From an old camera, to a phone, and now to the equipment I currently own. It started off with cute little home movies, but once I showed interest in roller coasters and amusement parks, it became something else. I now run Coaster Studios, a YouTube channel dedicated to my favorite rides and attractions. Its amazing to look back and see how those home movies set up the building blocks for what my channel's become today. My channel now has over 50,000 subscribers and counting, with over 30 million views. Throughout the past 4 years I've put up almost a thousand YouTube videos and have gotten around to riding almost 300 roller coasters- and at the age of 19, I'd say that's not too shabby! Through my many amusement park adventures, I've been fortunate to meet many of the viewers who've helped shape the channel to what it is today. I'm super grateful for everyone who's ever believed in me, and have assisted in contributing content, feedback, or even just kind words. It's for you that I do what I do, and I never would've gotten this far without you