Tiffani D. Bolden-Crenshaw

Founder and CEO of EncourageMillions.Com, Process Improvement Strategist, Finance and Tech Professional, Computer Programmer, Millennial Mommy on a Mission to change America

Hey! It’s me Tiffani, or as many like to call me without my approval, Tiff! I’m an former Actress, Process Improvement Strategist, Finance and Tech Professional, and Writer. Most importantly, I am a Working Mother, ALWAYS. I wasn’t always this put together. In 2011, I found myself jobless. I didn’t have a savings. I didn’t have a plan. I remember crying on the phone with my mom, driving home, and giving up. I already felt like a failure in my acting career and now I was really out of work. I was down, but I didn’t stay down. In 4 months, I was employed using my highly successful resume template. In 5 years, I increased my salary by 35%. During that time, I helped others secure 5 figure salaried positions as well. I also became a blog contributor for the Huffington Post, primarily speaking out about the woes of being a fatherless daughter. Deep Inside, I’m just a little girl with dreams who was raised by a single mother. I grew up in the lower income areas of Birmingham, AL. I didn’t have all I wanted, but my mom made sure I had what I needed. Education. I’m sure you’ve been in this place of failure. This is why I’m here. I believe you can achieve everything your heart desires and it begins with your mind. Knowledge is powerful. Since that year I lost my job, I have also been able to obtain another degree, invest in real estate, grow my savings, birth two wonderful children, and grow their savings as well. I did this by staying educated. My mission is to encourage you to gain increases in every area of your life. Whether its wealth, career, or relationships, I want to help you become great and STAY great. Be Great. Stay Great.