Ted Johnson, Maegan Carberry, Teresa Valdez Klein


Ted Johnson is the managing editor of Variety. He also covers politics and entertainment for the publication and for the Variety website, Wilshire & Washington. He has previously worked for the Los Angeles Times, V Life and TV Guide.

Maegan Carberry is a DC-based multi-media consultant who specializes in politics, media and the Millennial Generation. She blogs at www.maegancarberry.com. She has previously worked as Arianna Huffington's chief of staff, where she ran the west coast offices of The Huffington Post, and was a communications and new media advisor to Obama for America during the California primary election campaign. She has also been an advertising sales executive at The Los Angeles Times and a reporter and columnist for The Chicago Tribune's RedEye edition.

Teresa Valdez Klein is a writer and blogger in Seattle, WA, where she works as a Product Planner in the Product Development Group at T-Mobile, USA. She gets to synthesize market requirements and her own creativity, and work on cutting edge technological innovations. She writes the blog TeresaCentic.