Terence Clarke

Co-founder and Director of Publishing, Astor & Lenox

Publisher, editor, novelist (Mercury House, Ballantine Books), short-story writer (The Yale Review, The Antioch Review, The Chariton Review, Denver Quarterly, Kindle Singles and others), journalist (San Francisco Chronicle,, HuffPost), and translator of fiction and narrative non-fiction from Spanish to English, Terence Clarke is the author of nine books. Influences include Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Edith Wharton, James Baldwin, Eduardo Galeano, Juan Rulfo and Frank O’Connor. His critically acclaimed novels include The Notorious Dream of Jesús Lázaro, My Father in the Night, The King of Rumah Nadai, and A Kiss for Señor Guevara. His short-story collections include The Day Nothing Happened, Little Bridget and the Flames of Hell, and New York (to be published on November 1, 2017.) In his spare time, Terry enjoys a rather serious relationship with Argentine tango music and dance.

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