Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D.

A professor of religious studies for many years, I write and teach in the fields of Jewish spirituality and contemporary religious issues.

Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D. is Professor of Comparative Religion at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California, where she also has served as President and Provost. Her doctoral field is History of Religions (University of Chicago), and she has taught at Stanford, Princeton, and the University of California. Her scholarly writings include a book on Christianity, and numerous articles and books in American religious history. In Los Angeles, she has been a popular teacher of Jewish spirituality, and is author of books on mysticism including THE GIFT OF KABBALAH and KABBALAH FOR CHRISTIANS; a book on women’s issues entitled THE VOICE OF SARAH: Feminine Spirituality and Traditional Judaism; and co-author with Judy Greenfeld of two books on prayer, MINDING THE TEMPLE OF THE SOUL and ENTERING THE TEMPLE OF DREAMS. A new book, LOVING PRAYER, will be published by Gaon Books in December 2016, to be followed by SHE RISES WHILE IT IS STILL NIGHT: DREAMING IN THE WORLDS OF KABBALAH, in 2017.

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