Tom Gerdy

Community Activist and Building Contractor

First and foremost, Jane's husband for over forty years, a father of four children, a father-in-law to four, and a grandfather of six. I received a marketing degree from Montclair University. I have owned and operated a construction company for over thirty-five years. Habitat For Humanity is my passion and my hobby. I head up a group known as the Habitat For Humanity Road Trip Crazies. We travel the east coast helping stir up Habitat excitement by helping to build Habitat homes at an accelerated pace. In addition to volunteering with Habitat I spend some of my spare time promoting a book I helped create and publish titled, Insights From Inside. It is a collection of letters from inmates reaching out to young people and talking about the bad decisions they made. It can be found at I have been contributing to Huffington Post since 2006 and focus mostly on challenging people to reach out and make a difference. Occasionally I touch on politics when the craziness becomes more than I can take.