Thanos Dimadis

Journalist. Communications manager. Author of a book on the Eurozone Crisis.

Thanos Dimadis is a TV news personality. He is Greek and he grew up in Brussels. He has been working in the US as a journalist for the biggest media organization in Greece which goes by the name ALPHA TV network ( with expertise on the European and Greek financial crisis as well as the European and American politic​s. He has also been a commentator and expert to foreign media on these topics.
​He​ is the author of a book on the economic crisis in Greece and Europe, which is one of the main topics that he has been covering throughout his reporting since 2010 as a correspondent from the decision-making centers in Washington DC and Brussels.

During his career, he has been granted with several exclusive interviews with prominent personalities from the US and Europe (like academics such as Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffery Sachs, Noam Chomsky, Irvin Yalom, IMF and European executives like the former Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, John Lipsky, the former President of the European Commission J.M.Barroso, the President of the Eurogroup Geroun Dijsselbloem, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz).

Also, Thanos is an expert on the Greek politics. In Athens headquarters, he has served as the youngest head of the political reporting for the main broadcast news and presented several political talk shows on TV in Greece interviewing some of the most renown politicians and governmental executives of the country. He has been contributing to the public dialogue in his country and abroad by writing several articles in Greek as well as in English mostly about the economic turmoil in Europe and Greece and its political and social implications. Several of his English articles have been published in the American Huffington Post and other online editions like Guardian, Fair Observer etc.

Graduated from the George Washington University in DC, Thanos is also an expert in communications management. He has a long experience in marketing, communications strategy, press services, and public relations while he has been working as the personal consultant for private companies and personalities based in New York, Brussels and Athens helping them rebranding and promoting their image towards media in the US and Europe.

Thanos holds four master's degrees, among them in the fields of media (from the City University of London), political science (from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens) and European politics and law (from the Panteion University of Social Sciences of Athens). He also graduated from the Executive Educational Program "Leadership of the 21st century" of the Harvard Kennedy School. His bachelor degree studies are in journalism and public relations from the Department of Mass Media at the Panteion University. Thanos has been a distinguished scholar of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.