The Parking Ticket Geek


The Parking Ticket Geek is an idiot.

As a driving Chicagoan for nearly 20 years, he has received many, many,
many parking tickets. The bright orange of the tickets has been seared into is retinas and discolored his skin.

The Parking Ticket Geek has paid the city hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in fines. An embarrassing amount.

Eventually, the Parking Ticket Geek got angry at all the parking tickets
he was receiving. Because the majority he received, were issued improperly.

So he started fighting back…and winning.

Over the years, despite basically failing at everything else in life, the
Parking Ticket Geek became quite good at beating Chicago parking tickets.

Now, the Parking Ticket Geek wants to share his vast knowledge and teach other Chicago drivers how to contest their parking tickets, rip the cash out of the city's dirty, greedy hands and put that money back in your

His website, The Expired Meter let's Chicagoans learn from the experience of his many, many stupid mistakes, educates readers on how to fight parking tickets, but also keep them up to date on parking related news, changing parking regulations, red light ticket violations and more.