The Splendid Table

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Here’s the thing about food: It can take you anywhere – in your tastes, in your head, and in your imagination. What I love about food is that you will never know it all.

Take right now – we live in a time when food has never been so fascinating, so confounding, so ridiculous, so threatening, or, in some cases, so very good.

We follow these threads and lot more every week on our radio show, The Splendid Table® produced by American Public Media. I’m the host and co-creator of the show.

Even after fifteen years on the air, every episode is a new adventure. What we can do with two hands and some heat still enthralls. How food opens up all the different facets of our world still challenges. The fact that food actually becomes part of our beings, of who we are, still confounds. And the sheer fun of learning is still fresh.

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