Thom Nickels

Philadelphia-based author/journalist

Thom Nickels is a Philadelphia-based author/journalist, poet and travel writer, the author of 11 published books, including: Out in History, Philadelphia Architecture and SPORE. He was awarded the Philadelphia AIA Lewis Mumford Architecture Journalism Award in 2005 for his architectural criticism and his book Philadelphia Architecture. He is a widely published Philadelphia journalist, the monthly theater critic for ICON magazine (New Hope, Pennsylvania), a weekly columnist for Philadelphia's Spirit Community Newspapers, a contributing editor at Philadelphia's Weekly Press and a writer for Philadelphia's Irish Edition.. His novella Two Novellas: Walking on Water & After All This is currently available on Amazon and other ebook sites and was issued as a paperback in March 2013. His book, Literary Philadelphia: A History of Prose and Poetry in the City of Brotherly Love (The History Press) was released in 2015, and his book on great Philadelphia mansions and the people who lived in them will be released by THP in late 2017.