Tiffany Benyacko

Introverted/Extroverted wife and mom to a college kid and raising an extroverted tween girl.

Tiffany Benyacko (last name sounds exactly how it's spelled!) is an aspiring author and speaker. She lives in Georgia with her husband and tween daughter, her son attends college 5 hours away! Tiffany blogs at unRehearsed, which is where she writes about being an introvert (with extrovert tendencies) raising her very extroverted tween daughter, being quite aware that no amount of rehearsals can prepare her for all of the twists and turns that puberty brings. Tiffany's work has been featured on BlogHer and Mamapedia and many more to come. Social media is her friend right now because her tween isn't on any of them...yet. Find Tiffany(unrehearsedTiff) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.