Tim o'Shea

Eco-Entrepreneur. Founder + CEO, Cleanfish, fish you can trust®

PROFILE : Timothy o’Shea is an eco-entrepreneur, co-Founder and C3EO, of CleanFish, fish you can trust®. Along the way he has served corporate and community development operations in rural and urban centers as a strategic consultant, educator, and designer of integrated working systems. Roles have ranged from Director of a City-wide Children’s Theater Workshop, to founding member of the Lindisfarne Association, to Policy Director for the Council on the Environment of New York City; to Senior Consultant within Bank of America; Strategic Development consultant for Odwalla, Juice for Humans; to early stage practitioner of The Natural Step; to trouble shooting/corporate development consultant to HP, Wise Medical Systems, InViso, various School Districts,The Sierra Club, Niman Ranch, and don’t forget MashugaNuts amongst others. Tim’s eclectic background makes him, per force, an outside-the-box thinker,and doer. He is currently over a decade long period focusing on his latest business-with-values exploration into how commercial enterprise can seize a leadership, market-making role that serves to accelerate positive environmental benefits and leverage transformative, profitable, marketplace change: CleanFish, fish you can trust®. • INNOVATION AWARD WINNER, SOCIAL VENTURE NETWORK • FINALIST, AMERICA’S MOST PROMISING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS, BUSINESSWEEK ONLINE • FINALIST, AMERICA’S GREENEST COMPANIES • Eco-Ocean Award Recipient, Food & Wine Magazine • B CORP EXPERIENCE, NOW Founder & Chairman, CleanFish, fish you can trust™, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Gloucester, Massachusetts 2004-Here, Now The CleanFish Alliance is a sustainable, global, seafood community that is thriving on delicious natural products that are healthy for people, their palettes and their planet. CleanFish Brokerage rewards right practices and responsible stewardship of our precious human and natural resources by artisan producers who care. It is the goal of the CleanFish Alliance to lead the global market back to more restorative production practices between now, and the year 2020. By providing a network of services to an evolving community of producers, chefs, markets and consumers joined in their search for fish you can trust. EDUCATION Tufts University, Meford, Massachusetts Graduate Level Work at the Lindisfarne Association and continuously since then with cultural heroes and eco-economics giants who continue to inspire Tim to deliver on the insights they so generously instilled in him over the past 40 years. INTENTION & SKILLS Tim is focused on creating markets efforts to save the planet with seafood that is safe, superb and at least sustainable. It is most important for all stakeholders to take back the tools of making those changes essential to co-creating breakthrough beyond the crises of our current social disorder, to look with fresh eyes to the wisdom of integrated, biologically informed systems. Tim, it seems, aspires to be a rhythmic orchestrator of talent, to design working systems and profitable market opportunities that could augment one another. Tim sees connections to markets and leading trends that most do not. He is skilled at looking at viable business opportunities and economic development breakthroughs, when others see only limits and constraints based on conditioned thinking. He learned most of this, he thinks, from years building soil by cultivating garden compost. Timothy o’Shea c/o CleanFish, fish you can trust® 450 Bay Street, San Francisco, California 94133 Tel:415.626.3500 email: