Tim Dickinson

Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

Based in San Francisco, Tim Dickinson has more than a decade of experience writing and editing for national magazines.

He is a Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone, where he has covered the National Affairs beat since 2004 and specializes in longform features, profiles, and investigative journalism. His work has been anthologized in The Best American Political Writing, reported on the NBC nightly news, tweeted by @barackobama, excerpted by the Wall Street Journal, and featured frequently on the homepage of the Huffington Post.

Dickinson is also a contributing writer at Mother Jones, where he was formerly Articles Editor and worked for six years, handling everything from cover stories to back-of-the-book listicles. He was a key member of the team awarded a National Magazine Award for General Excellence in 2001 and nominated again in 2003. He is co-author of Lie-by-Lie, a timeline of the Iraq war that was a 2007 National Magazine Award finalist for best Interactive Feature.

Dickinson is a regular guest on cable news, including appearances on MSNBC, CNN, Current, and Al Jazeera English. His radio career includes a bucket-list interview with Terry Gross on “Fresh Air.”

Find him on Twitter @7im.