Timothy Grant

Writer, Horror Nerd, Political Junkie, Cat Video Enthusiast

Timothy Grant is a screenwriter whose first screenplay BUZZ KILL is a loving horror-comedy homage to the "final girls" of the great (and not so great) grindhouse horror films of the 70s and 80s. It was optioned by Schorr Pictures, attracted his current representation with United Talent Agency, and was a Shriekfest Screenplay Contest semi-finalist. ​ His second screenplay BAIT NIGHT is a timely twisty thriller set in the world of “entrapment TV” that professional script consultant Rob Ripley described as “…one of the most original scripts that’s come across [his] desk in the past couple of years... with equally strong execution and a real, budget-conscious eye.” BAIT NIGHT is a finalist for the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, where it was the only entry to place in both the Drama Category and Vertigo Entertainment Horror Award. It was also a semi-finalist for the both the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards and Enderby Entertainment Award. ​ In addition to screenwriting, Timothy enjoys traveling with his husband, drinking wine with friends, eating three squares a day, getting into unnecessary fights on social media, anthropomorphizing his precious cats Bubble and Squeak and blathering on about the benefits of Crossfit (don’t judge!).

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