Tim Hanni

Master of Wine, chef and wine consumer advocate

Tim Hanni MW is the one of the first two Americans to earn the title Master of Wine and has been professionally involved with food and wine for over thirty-five years. He is the CEO of the Napa Seasoning Company LLC, Managing Partner of Diversity Wine Awards LLC and a founding partner of WineQuest LLC. An addition to being an internationally recognized wine expert and professionally trained chef, Tim is also involved in cutting-edge research of how humans experience and interpret sensations. His focus is in the area of wine and food and exploring ways in which this research can be applied to creating and improving wine and food related education, products and services. He is recognized as a leader in developing and executing unique education and marketing strategies for wine and food companies and companies in the hospitality industry.

In 1990 Hanni successfully completed the Master of Wine examination in London, England becoming one of the first of two resident Americans ever to achieve what is regarded as the highest accolade in the international wine industry. Hanni is also a Certified Wine Educator in the Society of Wine Educators. He trained and worked as a professional Executive Chef, and has also been involved in the retail, importing, brokering and production end of fine wines and gourmet foods.

Hanni has a unique perspective and passionate curiosity in the worlds of food, wine and sensory sciences. He is known for his modern and innovative approach for creating consumer-centric education programs, products and services. His techniques for creating easy to use wine lists, including the invention of the Progressive Wine List format, and retail wine programs are combined with tried and tested culinary philosophies on “balancing” food and wine flavors and are employed by thousands of restaurants and hotel outlets around the world. His work in the sensory and culinary fields led to the development of Napa Seasoning Company’s unique new product, Vignon™, the first Flavor Balancing Seasoning design to make food delicious while eliminating unpleasant wine and food interactions.

Tim is a frequent keynote speaker, combining a sense of humor with first class presentation skills and an intimate knowledge of wines and international cuisines while making the enjoyment of wine and food much more accessible. He also plays guitar in a rock, rhythm and blues band with his wife, Kate.

"What Tim Hanni is proposing … represents a quantum leap forward for globally expanding the enjoyment of wine and food. (The) message is easy to grasp, empowering and useful to anyone who is the least bit curious about wine, and … stands to revolutionize the wine industry." Robert Mondavi