Timothy F. Ryan

PwC US Chairman and Senior Partner

Tim Ryan is US Chairman and Senior Partner. Previously, he served as Vice Chairman and the Markets, Strategy and Stakeholders Leader at PwC, having responsibility for the firm’s strategy function and stakeholder relationships including investor relations, regulatory affairs, public policy, corporate responsibility and human capital. Prior to this role, he was the leader of PwC's Assurance Practice, overseeing all aspects of PwC's Assurance business, which delivers interrelated solutions that enhance the reliability of financial information shared between internal and external partners, the investing public and regulators. Tim has over 25 years of diversified experience serving financial services clients in the financial services industry in the U.S. and abroad. As Vice Chairman of PwC’s Assurance Practice, he focused on expanding internal control audit methodologies to exceed the standards of regulators and shareholders. Tim provided clients insights into understanding the challenges and developments that face the financial audit industry, including: increased regulatory compliance standards for auditors, best practices for the financial audit industry and clear communication of financial audit information. Tim was responsible for driving the company’s Quality Report, which provides insights into actions PwC has taken to ensure the continued performance of high quality audits for clients. Tim served on PwC’s "Closing the Expectation Gap Committee." This committee designed and implemented improvements to PwC's audit process to address gaps between the expectations of constituents and accounting standards. Tim has also served on the US Board of Partners and Principals and the Board's Admissions Committee, the Management Evaluation and Compensation Committee, and the Clients Committee, as well as the Firm's Global Board of Directors.

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