Tiphani N. Montgomery

Founder of KNOCKED UP NOW WHAT?, #1 Essence Magazine Bestselling Author

When I was 12, they told me I was stupid -- and prescribed "smart pills" (aka Ritalin) to wrestle my brain into a state of submission. I fed them to my Rottweiler. They worked like a charm.

When I was 21, they told me I’d never amount to anything -- so I took my baby daughter, moved to a new state, self-published a book of poetry, and sold 2,500 copies in less than a month... from behind the bar where I mixed drinks and hustled tips.

When I was 25, my college GPA was an abysmal 0.0 -- so I dropped out. Wrote my first (of four) novels in two and a half months. And landed on the Essence magazine bestseller list seven separate times -- including the #1 spot.

I'm a motivational speaker and a master of manifestation.

I’m synthesizing everything I’ve studied, experienced, and created in the realms of relationships, entrepreneurship and single parenting into my GET UP & GO HARDER empire.

From 1-on-1 coaching and live onstage workshops and keynote speeches, everything I’m serving up is designed to help you BELIEVE in your intuitive genius, TRUST your pro-active decisions, and LIVE your life as if you’ve already arrived, precisely where you want to be.

Watching me speak LIVE is wild. It’s spiritual. And let me tell you -- it is ABSOLUTELY about cashflow, power & fearless self-promotion.