Tess Falk & Kayla Lewandowski

Tess & Kayla

Tess Falk and Kayla Lewandowski are a dual YouTube personality on their channel "astoldbytess." After three years living a long-distance relationship, they moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and their channel was born. Astoldbytess encompasses daily life adventures, as well as an original video series called "People in the Raw." Falk graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Illinois with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. Throughout her academic career, Falk's passion for YouTube was present, but she herself was lost. Unable to find herself, her channel remained stagnant. After coming out, she found her underdeveloped channel to be the perfect platform to help others be themselves. Falk took the plunge and quit her post-graduate full-time job to take on YouTube wholeheartedly. She craves to make a difference and believes YouTube is the answer. After years searching for her collegiate calling, Lewandowski entered the medical field and graduated from Hudson Valley Community College in upstate New York, with an associate's degree in Emergency Medical Services. Her existing dedication to helping others guided her to discover that with Falk's vision for the same, they could truly have a significant influence. From there, her interest in the social aspect of YouTube grew rapidly, and she soon joined her partner's long-awaited devotion. Now with more than 200K views on their ever-growing channel, the two have dedicated astoldbytess to help others discover who they are. Falk and Lewandowski encourage everyone to embrace the LGBTQ+ community, while recognizing that we are all #indistinguishable.

January 18, 2017
November 8, 2016
September 20, 2016

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