Todd Hartley

Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, who helps businesses amplify their sales & marketing results.

While leading digital marketing campaigns for 7 of the largest nationally syndicated talk shows, Todd Hartley knew that something revolutionary was about to happen online. Looking at his analytic databases of 20 million viewers per show, Todd noticed that video vastly outperformed all other forms of web-based media. And this was back in 2003, way before bandwidth could comfortably handle video. Embracing the power of video early on, Todd has spent the last decade mastering video marketing. In 2010, he created to help businesses amplify sales, reach marketing goals, and dominate the competition with video. Today, Todd is obsessed with staying 2 years ahead of the industry. To share what he’s learned along the way, Todd hosts Video Marketing Mastery, a weekly podcast that is dedicated to helping businesses find success. A leader in internet marketing, he also speaks at marketing and technology conferences on topics such as: Where Google is Going & How To Position Your Business To Profit, How to Leverage Video to Amplify Business Goals, and How To Speed Up Sales Results. Todd is also a patient advocate, and the co-founder of, & In a 12 month period, these campaigns generated 1.1 million followers.