Tom Gilroy


Tom Gilroy is a writer/director/producer/actor from New York and has appeared in over 30 films, having worked with such directors as Ken Loach, Sidney Lumet, Jean-Luc Godard, Jim McKay, Christopher Munch, Paul Auster and multi-media artist Robert Longo. He has written, directed and produced two award winning films--the short 'Touch Base' (IFC/BRAVO), and the critically-acclaimed feature 'Spring Forward,'(IFC/MGM) starring Liev Schreiber, Ned Beatty, and Campbell Scott. His plays--most notably 'The Invisible Hand' and 'Halcion Days' have been produced in several US cities and around the world. With his theatre company Machine Full(co-founded with Lili Taylor and Michael Imperioli) Gilroy has produced over a dozen critically acclaimed productions, most recently Hamlet, starring Richard Harris, Jared Harris, and Lili Taylor. Last year he directed Rosie Perez, Robert Sean Leonard, Natasha Lyonne and Mary Louise Parker in the play 'Nine Ten' for the 24 Hour play project. Tom has just completed his short 'Mr. Sycamore' and begins directing his new film 'Location,' starring Aidan Quinn, in late fall.

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