Tom Sgouros

Democratic candidate for Rhode Island General Treasurer

Tom Sgouros, a resident of the great state of Rhode Island, grew up on the banks of the mighty Seekonk River. He began his professional career in oceanography and engineering, but soon found himself consulting with advocacy groups about technical issues of one kind and another. He worked for several years providing policy research, drafting legislation, and putting together policy agendas for troublemaker organizations in Rhode Island like the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Ocean State Action, the Poverty Institute, and several more, as well as candidates for office and office holders.

Tom is currently a candidate to be the Democrat nominee for General Treasurer of Rhode Island.

In 2003, Tom founded the Rhode Island Policy Reporter, a journal of public policy with a local focus, to report on the technical issues of public policy that seldom get reported adequately, but that matter a lot to all our lives. He wrote a weekly newspaper column that appeared in newspapers all over the state. His 2009 book "Ten Things You Don't Know About Rhode Island" was a survey of the many misconceptions that abound (within the state) about politics and policy there.

Tom has also worked as a performer, touring widely with his robot in a solo show, "Judy, or What Is It Like To Be A Robot?" and producing a tent circus in the 1990's.

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