Toni Feldstein

Health & Wellness coach, Writer, Speaker

I am a writer, a speaker and a Certified Life Coach from the Success Coach Institute, a licensed coach training school recognized by the IAC® and an authorized licensee of the IAC Coaching Masteries® program.

I specialize in coaching and mentoring individuals facing life transitions. I help my clients shift from fear and uncertainty to joy and happiness and empower them to rise above challenges and reach their full potential.

Pursuant a medical diagnosis at age 25 which forced me to face my mortality, I dedicated my life to personal growth and the pursuit of happiness and freedom.

My journey includes years of intense meditation periods, including living in India and studying with a world renown spiritual teacher, Mata Amritanandamayi, deep study of various spiritual and healing modalities (Bhakti Path, Yoga, Vedanta, integrative wellness techniques).

While I value meditation and connection to the silence and LOVE within, I realize that we can't transcend our emotional baggage. Hence, I also appreciate deep inner work including shadow work, NLP, releasing dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

Life is too precious and way too short to let our challenges hinder our ability to live our very best life!