Tony Schwartz

President of The Energy Project; Author of Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live

Tony Schwartz is founder and CEO of The Energy Project, a company that helps individuals and organizations fuel energy, engagement, focus and productivity by harnessing the science of high performance. Tony’s most recent book, <em>Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live</em>, was a New York Times bestseller. His last book, <em>The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy Not Time</em>, co-authored with Jim Loehr, was a <em>New York Times</em> and <em>Wall Street Journal</em> bestseller and has been translated into 28 languages. <br> <br> Tony began his career as a journalist, and worked as a reporter at the <em>New York Times</em> and a staff writer at <em>Newsweek</em> and <em>New York</em>. He has also written for <em> Esquire, Fast Company, Vanity Fair</em> and the <em>Harvard Business Review</em>. Tony coauthored the #1 bestselling <em>The Art of the Deal</em> with Donald Trump and also wrote <em>What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America</em>. A frequent keynote speaker, Tony has also coached more than two dozen CEOs and senior leaders. <br> <br> The Energy Project’s clients include Sony, Google, Ernst & Young, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Cleveland Clinic, Shell, IBM, Fidelity, Ford, Gap and Blue Shield of California. For more about our work, see TheEnergyProject.com. Tony can be reached <a href="mailto: Tony@TheEnergyProject.com" rel="nofollow"> Tony@TheEnergyProject.com</a>

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