Torrey Shannon

Writer, Dole Foundation Inaugural Fellow, wife of a Wounded Warrior

Torrey Shannon shares her story of triumph over tragedy after her husband, SSG John Daniel Shannon, was critically wounded in a gunfight in Iraq in 2004 and suffered a traumatic brain injury from a gunshot wound to the head. Determined to hold her family together, she helped her husband and children in the long road to physical and emotional recovery, only to learn there was a new battlefield once the troops come home. Shannon and her husband took on the entire Department of Defense and exposed the broken military health care system. SSG Shannon appeared on the front page for three of the six Pulitzer Prize winning stories by The Washington Post in 2007 covering the Walter Reed Scandal. Their advocacy efforts resulted in Congressional action and widespread changes in the military health care system.

She serves as a Caregiver Fellow with the Sen. Elizabeth Dole Foundation.

Torrey lives with her husband and children at a remote location in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.